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I am sitting here laughing at myself; I was so excited to make the move from LJ to DW after LJ changed its Terms of Service, and I saw how welcoming DW was... and then I've been sooooo absent. To be fair, I haven't posted anything on LJ either, just like I've said I wasn't going to. HOWEVER, since not every LJ user migrated to DW, I have still had some interacting there. Mainly, that means doing stuff for the upcoming SPN_J2_Big_Bang!

This is my second year participating in this Big Bang as an artist. Last year I collaborated with my good friend Anna (akintay/whispered_story) on the first part of her fantastic "The Dizzy Heights" series. This year, I'm super psyched to be working with the incredible ashtraythief, a longtime favorite author and now an awesome partner.

When I'm not working on art for BB (two pieces done so far, and plenty to go before our July 5th posting date!) or beta-ing fic for friends, I've decided that I want to learn German, so I've been working on that. Duolingo has been an amazing teacher/app. I'm really excited about how well it's been going! (Part of my reason for wanting to learn this particular language? Both the authors I mentioned above are German, and I talk to them both nearly every day; it only makes sense that I should know at least some of their language when they're so fluent in mine, right? lol)

Anyhoo, that's just a little update from me. I look forward to sharing in July with you all the art that I'll have made to go with Ash's fantastic J2 story. I can't wait for you guys to experience it too! Hope y'all are having an awesome week. :-*
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