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*yells out into the terrifying abyss* "HELLO, LIVE JOURNAL!"

I have no barely any idea how to act in here, so please bear with me. I probably won't be very active, because will probably be more active than I'd thought; LJ has been pretty damn welcoming so far :) I'm pretty happy with the set-up I've got going between twitter and AO3, but I kind of really wanted to try my hand at submitting some art for a Big Bang, so I had to make my account official in order to do that. I think that's the first logical step at least...

So anyway, here I am. All my profile info is straight from twitter (because it seemed like the most comfortable way to dip my toes into the big, scary LJ, by logging in from that account), so take it for what you will (I added a bit; guess I can step out of my twitter shell after all ;)). To update it a bit [more]: I love Supernatural; I am a fairly recent fan (I started watching on Netflix a few months before season 10 first aired), but I am neck-deep in fandom now and I love that, too.

As I mentioned, I'm also on AO3. Mainly, I spend my time there reading, but I also beta for a few friends (mainly non_tiembo_mala, gluedwithgold, and sometimes whispered_story - all amazing authors; definitely check them out if you don't already know them) and occasionally post fic of my own.

I also like to draw/paint/sketch/whatever, but I rarely do in the interest of doing those other things. But I like to take opportunities when I can to flex those skills, try to keep them from getting too rusty. (For an example, check out the drawing I did for non_tiembo_mala's "Upon A Painted Ocean", here. You should also definitely read the story, because it's SO GOOD.) Thus, my motivation for joining, like, officially joining, LJ - to (I hope, if all goes well) participate as an artist contributor in the 2016 Big Bang. I'm going to go sign up now, so wish me luck!! (I'm gonna need it!)

Here's to you, Live Journal. Please be gentle with me - I'm new. ;)

Amanda aka @Dancing_Adrift

[edited March 28th to keep info current while maintaining this as a suitable introductory post to stick at the top of my journal] :)


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