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So, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am DONE creating art for this year's Big Bang. ONE DAY before posting! I started and finished TWO pieces today, and I'm pretty damn psyched about it, considering how god-awful the last two days had been for arting :-/

ANYhoo, I figured I ought to do some sort of test post before I started attempting to put together my art masterpost (which is likely to be a MONSTER, ftr). So, assuming I do this correctly, please enjoy whatever random old art I put below the cut.

Dreamwidth does have cuts, right???

If I did this correctly, the above image should a) be there, and b) be a link to the fullsize image?? Anyhoo, that artwork for one of my J2 RB prompts last year. Eventually it became the base for the fantastic fic "Wireless Connection" by the lovely lotrspnfangirl. So, if you're looking for a J2 rec, well, you're welcome. Trust me when I say that more J2 awesomeness is coming your way tomorrow, courtesy of myself with art, of course, and the AMAZING ashtraythief who has written over 60K words of pure reader immersion. Y'all are gonna love it.

Okay, fingers crossed that this works, and I'll be back with more tomorrow!!!

Edit: Apparently, if you hit 'Enter' when adding tags, it auto-posts your entry. Just FYI!!! lol!
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