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Another week gone by, another week of daily doodles! Remember that you can see new drawings first if you follow me on twitter, as I do post all doodles there daily :)

As this first one could sort of count as fanart (it's meant to be J2), I'll leave it above the cut. Hope you enjoy all the rest of my drawings too! Thanks for checking them out at least ^_^ ♥

Day 8 - "Fall Fairies"
This was drawn in honor of [livejournal.com profile] gluedwithgold's birthday, and it came from her prompt (something along the lines of "idk, fairies? Maybe fall? Ooh! Fall fairies!). I did 'cheat' a little on this one (outlined in pencil first); even so, ballpoint pen and not-so-fine-tipped Sharpies that bleed make for very frustrating tools. :sigh: I do enjoy the FallFairy!J2 concept though, so maybe I'll recreate this digitally someday ;)

Day 9 - "Goodnight, weekend."
I was just able to catch a beautiful sunset on Sunday night, and this is my attempt to 'recreate' it. For the record, I do not recommend using a ballpoint pen to do any amount of solid coloring. I'm still surprised the paper didn't tear!

(oh, and Day9? Does anyone else know who I'm talking about? lol)

Day 10 - "Always Keep Fighting"
This one ended up being a two parter because I really, really did not like how the first one turned out. I made so many mistakes, and I think it looked like crap in the end... Anyhoo, it all became rather meta, lol. "Always keep fighting"...for the perfect drawing! Or something. Lol. Anyway, these were in honor of World Mental Health Day.

Day 11 - "Love Yourself"
Drawn for National Coming Out Day ♥

Day 12 - "Writer Fuel"
I am woefully off schedule on my spn_cinema fic. *heavy sigh* But I'm perfectly on schedule with inktober! XP

Day 13 - "Notes"
As you may have already seen, when new episodes (NEW EPISODES, SQUEE!!!) of Supernatural air, I like to take notes (rather than live-tweet) to try capturing my initial reactions and thoughts. This year, at the beginning of SEASON 12, BABY I bought a new notebook for that purpose, and I decorated it appropriately to celebrate! Pretty sure I got higher off the new episode than I did from the fumes of the numerous Sharpies, but it was close XP

(also, since this drawing was *on* a journal rather than *in* my journal, I did do a quick placeholder drawing in the journal that I'm using for inktober. I just drew another anti-possession symbol (man, are those a bitch to draw!) and wrote some accompanying squee XD)

Day 14 - "Friendship Follows"
I *almost* missed getting an inktober drawn for this day. Thankfully my friend Amber provided some inspiration in the final hour ;)

And that concludes another week of arting from me! I hope you all have wonderful weekends, and I'll be back again next week with more! ♥
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